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Hello World!

From The Lab Ratz

I’ll say it again … Hello World! And with a twitch of my tiny claws, my eyes begins to adjust to the glaring lights. It’s been a while since I have been hibernating in my love nest as the world goes by. Looking at how the current version of WP is not up to the 5 series, I have been asleep for 3 revisions! Goodness. Alright, less waste, more haste, I say. Time for a satisfying...

About Me

Just a little rodent scurrying across your screen. I wear a mutitude of furry masks - Hotelier, Foodie, Tech Junkie, Music Lover, Casual Gamer, JRPG Stuff, WEEB, NEET, Manga, Anime Otaku and most importantly - Human ... or was it a rat? I forget.

Squeak! Welcome to my life experiments!