Hello World!


I’ll say it again … Hello World! And with a twitch of my tiny claws, my eyes begins to adjust to the glaring lights. It’s been a while since I have been hibernating in my love nest as the world goes by. Looking at how the current version of WP is not up to the 5 series, I have been asleep for 3 revisions! Goodness.

Alright, less waste, more haste, I say. Time for a satisfying stretch of my body and up to put on the coffee maker. Though I have been online for some years now, I have never really had the discipline nor habit of updating my blogs. Admittedly, the lazy bones have always won over this ratty brain. Recalling the past, when registering for this domain, I did not find many using The Lab Ratz for anything but there was a band that was using the same moniker. Interestingly enough, as of today, I can find quite a fair bit of my own kind online. Yay! We ratz have been busy procreating during my slumber!

Made a promise to myself this year that I will be more active right here … not for anybody’s sake, but just so that I can practice writing. Furthermore, this is also a channel where my ratty views can be shared with all, for anyone who cares to read (and maybe, just maybe … share as well) some of my squeaks. Anyhow, leaving you all with another Hello World!

P.S. Here is one of my other evil twins I found while scurrying on the internet ….

Skateboarding is hazardous to The Lab Ratz

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Just a little rodent scurrying across your screen. I wear a mutitude of furry masks - Hotelier, Foodie, Tech Junkie, Music Lover, Casual Gamer, JRPG Stuff, WEEB, NEET, Manga, Anime Otaku and most importantly - Human ... or was it a rat? I forget.

Squeak! Welcome to my life experiments!